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As the Los Angeles County Superior Court system recovers from a cyberattack, the Court has announced that all public-facing operations will be closed on Monday, July 22, 2024. Jurors and others with Court business are encouraged to follow the Court’s social media accounts for updates, @LASuperiorCourt on X (Twitter) and Instagram. Although the cyberattack did not affect Los Angeles County’s computer systems, the County is working closely with the Court to minimize disruptions to the public and to ensure that communications between our respective systems can resume as soon as it is safe to do so. At this time, some County departments anticipate the following impacts to the public due to the Courts’ closure Monday.

News from Alternate Public Defender

  • All Alternate Public Defender offices will remain open and staffed. APD staff will be waiting outside of courthouses if court buildings are closed to the public.
  • The APD will promptly provide updates to the public through our website, social media, and outlets to keep everyone informed. We will provide a number on our website and ensure a ticker is up to date with County and Superior Court Updates.
  • Attorneys will be available to provide legal advice and support to clients. To get in touch 

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