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Proposition 47 was approved by the voters on 11/4/2014.  This initiative reclassified certain crimes from felonies to misdemeanors and allows persons presently charged, or previously convicted of one or more of these charges to petition the courts to have the charge(s) reduced to a misdemeanor.

Charges that are affected include: simple possession of controlled substances (Health and Safety Code Sections 11350, 11357, and 11377) and theft offenses where the total amount of the theft is less than $950.

This proposition potentially affects tens of thousands of cases in Los Angeles County and the Alternate Public Defender is devoting the necessary resources to assist our clients to receive relief under Proposition 47.

Clients, former clients, family members, or friends of persons seeking relief under Proposition 47 can contact one of our Branch Offices to get additional information, or call our main number at 213-974-6626. 

At this time, we can only assist clients of the Alternate Public Defender.  For persons represented by the Public Defender's Office, you should call their main number at 213-974-2811. 

To submit an online inquiry to the Alternate Public Defender, use the link below. (You must have Adobe Reader to use this form).

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Proposition 47

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